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Townhall for Citizens & Organizations 4/23/17 at Redwood Gardens!

Music to inspire and inform

 Want to be part of a live audience for a national Townhall to organize for revolutionary change?  On Sunday April 23, 2017, you can!  From 1:00PM to 4:00PM, A TownHall For Citizens & Organizations will be held at Redwood Gardens, 2951 Derby St., Berkeley, CA.  Music starts at 1PM,  Livestream at 2PM.
This livestream townhall will be simulcast to 6 satellite cities across 3 time zones, to engage in political "what's next” strategies.  The simulcast will connect Weston FL, Lawrence KS, Flint MI, Detroit MI, Rockville MD, Eureka CA--with Redwood Gardens in Berkeley CA as the "hub" of the network.  Key speakers include: ACLU rep to detail their "People Power" Campaign for cities; Nurse's Union rep to weigh in on Single Payer SB562 in CA; Sister Moreen from the Bay Area Sanctuary Covenant; a progressive healthcare exec comparing a variety of health care systems: ACA, ACA+, Single-Payer in 15 states with health care in Canada, Britian, Taiwan, Australia and France; also Organizing 101" strategies...and music!  Bernie Sanders' platform, Michael Moore's “9 Things To Do List” and his national event calendar @ music from the Bay Area Jazz Pantheon!   The walkaway: citizens connect to local organizations growing the groundswell of resistence to the current Executive Branch and to promote a progressive, inclusive agenda.  Berkeley Community Media TV will provide a link to the live feed, while they multiplex & record the event with their 4-camera mini-studio & crew.  Event opens & closes with music by the stellar octet, The Bay Area Jazz Pantheon directed by jazz mandolinist Pat Fahey & friends.  Sing up while there is still room.  Just click this link, write “94705" and “ Berkeley” in the dialogue box,  then click “next” for further information.  See you there!